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Applying the Law of Dharma: Success Equation and Bill Gates

The Law of Dharma has three main parts and we can see them in the success equation given below. In this exercise let us do something different and interesting. Let us explore and examine whether we can apply this principle to Bill Gates’ life. Isn’t it exciting?

Success =
Identify your Unique Talent
Nurture and develop the talent
Identify the unique needs of others and serve them elegantly

Exploring Bill Gates’ life using the success equation:

(1) Did he identify his unique talents?
- He was passionate about software programming, and from a young age he use to spend hours writing computer programs.
- He knew that he could succeed using his unique talent. He is a man of great vision.
- He knew that he could revolutionise and change the world of computing.
- He also knew that he could touch other people’s lives in a special way using his unique talents.
- He believed in himself.
(2) Did he nurture and develop his talent?
- He knew computer programming was his unique talent. So, what did he do with it?
- He took massive action. He was 100% committed and he used his skill to create abundance.
- He worked hard and stayed focused on what he wanted to achieve.
- He created a map for his life’s journey.
- He continually developed and improved his programming and marketing skills.
- He partnered and networked with people.
(3) Did he identify the unique needs of others and serve them elegantly?
- He found out there lies a huge opportunity in computer software industry.
- He envisioned that computers would revolutionise the society. He realised the power of personal computers, and used his unique skills and talents to develop the famous Windows Operating System and the Windows Office tools. So, did he know about our unique needs? I am sure you would agree he did. Did he serve them elegantly? Yes, he made it easy for us to use a computer through the special Windows Graphical User Interface.

We have explored Bill Gates’ life using our success equation, let us ask ourselves the following questions: What happened to him when he applied this equation? Did he succeed? Did he realise his dream? Did he create abundance? Did he make a difference to our lives?

Now let us take some time and visualise about our own life. Then, take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the success equation. And identify and apply each part in your life. Please share with us what happens next. Take care and may God bless.

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At January 31, 2007, Blogger Titania Starlight said...

This is great information thta at this time in my life I need. I am at a crossroads and though a bit daunting it is time to make a change. Thank you for the words of wisdom that I can personally utilize to my own experience.


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