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Be Inspired: The Power of Courage and Inner Strength - Conquering Critics

How many times you had a fantastic idea in your mind, but you stopped yourself from pursuing it? And later, you found out that someone else has acted on a similar idea and achieved a great deal. So, what is the difference between you and the other person?

When you look back, you realise that something powerful stopped you from taking action. Sometimes we think more about what other people are going to think about us. Are they going to accept our idea? Are they going to be too critical about it? Am I doing it right? Am I going to embarrass myself? Did these questions ever arise in your mind? I am sure you will agree with me that we have all experienced this inner voice. One part of our self-says that we can do it, and at the same time, the other part says that we can’t. It is like an inner tug-of-war. We need courage and determination to overpower the part, which says we can’t.

If we think deeply we will find that we often focus more on the external elements rather than looking inside. We become object referral rather than self-referral. We become easily influenced by external stimulus. What happens when we do that? I am sure by now you have already got the message that I am trying to send to you.

Please stop reading and think for moment. Can we make progress in our life and achieve excellence if we always worry about what other people might think about our actions? Can we satisfy everyone? Or should we reinforce our inner strength and courage by focussing on our goal rather than focussing on external event?

Let us look at this beautiful quotation and see what Ralph Waldo Emerson has to say, “Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.”

What can we learn from this beautiful message? Would it be a good idea to think how we can apply it in our day-to-day lives? As I write this article, an interesting story suddenly came to my mind, and let me share it with you. The story is about Robert Fulton the man who invented the steamboat. After completing his dream project Robert Fulton wanted to display his invention to people in the Hudson River. So, many people gathered on the riverbank to see how the steamboat works. When the boat was ready and about to begin its journey the critics and pessimists commented the boat wouldn’t move at all. To their surprise, the steam engine propelled the boat and it steadily moved forward. Now, when they saw the boat moving they started saying, “Though the boat is moving forward, it wouldn’t stop.” Great views, isn’t it? So, what do we learn from this story? And what should we do to move ourselves forward despite all the external influences?

The following list has some tips but it is not an exhaustive one, please use your imagination, and add more:

(1) Identify your passion.
(2) Create a plan of action.
(3) Take massive action.
(4) Stay focussed on your goal.
(5) Trust your inner self.
(6) Do not share your goals with too many people.
(7) Lead life based on sound universal principles.
(8) Ask yourself, ‘How can I help? And ‘How can I contribute?’
(9) Choose your companions carefully.
(10) Think how an external stimulus can help you to move forward. If it does not add value, ignore it sensibly.
(11) Develop and follow a programme of continuous development.

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At January 27, 2007, Anonymous Charlemagne said...

Wow! This is great. I've been scouring the net for brilliant people whith the same passion as I have to whom I can always look up to for any advice. Glad I found this site. Keep 'em coming.

At January 28, 2007, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

Hi Charlemagne, thank your for your comment and I am delighted that you have found the site useful. Take care and God bless

At January 31, 2007, Blogger Jennifer said...

This is such a good post and I love the quote. It really speaks to me. I tend to give up pretty easily ... so thank you for the reminder to proceed with passion and determination! :-)


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