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Be Inspired: The Principle of Indifference

What is the principle of indifference? Well, it does not mean lack of interest or lack of concern as used in the general sense. According to Buddha, the simple way to peace, bliss, harmony, and joy is to practice indifference. So what does he mean by his indifference?

Buddha says do not be too happy when someone praises you, be humble and grateful for the praise. On the other hand, if someone criticises you do not be too sad. Learn from the criticism, and move ahead. He says wise man practise indifference. When you gradually form a habit of using this principle, you will get in touch with your real self.

I would say that it is difficult to practice but when you try it, you yield a sweet fruit. It does work wonder and I have experienced the bliss. You can try to see if it works for you. Let me summarise the article with this quotation, “The power of indifference creates the big difference.”

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At January 17, 2007, Blogger Coco said...

I should have read this two days ago, Deb. It would've done me a world of good.


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