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Law of Dharma Part I: Natural Law or Spiritual Principle for Success

Before I start this article, I would like to tell you something, which has a deep impact on my presentation and writing. First, it is about my background, I had a humble beginning, and I was born in India in a Hindu family, and went to a good Catholic Missionary school. I studied there for 12 years, both primary and secondary schooling.

So, I became strongly influenced and motivated by the teachings of Jesus Christ. That shaped and built the foundation of my life. We used to call our teachers ‘Sisters’ – my real Gurus - as they were nuns. And it is unbelievable that some of them still remember me by my name - though I was a naughty boy then, do not worry you can safely read on, as I am all right now. I think I learned the real meaning of love from them.

I feel little nostalgic as I write this article, as my childhood memory has suddenly flashed back into my mind. Anyway, as I was growing up, I took a personal interest in Buddhism, mainly because I was lucky enough to come in touch with some wonderful Buddhist scholars. The resulting product was interesting; I became a ‘Mixed Vegetable’ as defined by one of my Australian friend.

There is a reason for saying this to you. You will find the influence of these great religious traditions in my writing – but I do not consider myself a scholar or a Guru. I believe ‘We are our greatest Guru’. The whole idea of becoming your own ‘Success Coach’ revolves around this notion. With great respect to all the good people, I want to say that I do not believe in any monk or a priest, I believe in myself. I am my own monk and a priest. I know if there is a Jesus or a Buddha, it is inside us. I remember a great piece of information from Jesus. He said, “Serving his fellowmen is serving him.” And I do my best to lead my life based on this principle. And our topic the ‘Law of Dharma’ is based on this principle. Can you see an interesting correlation here, between the great religious traditions?

I believe in all religions. My realisation is that they all say the same; they are like parallel highways or motorways. They take you to the same destination. And the destination is achieving the highest form of ‘Human Excellence’. The sad thing about religion these days is people misinterpret and misuse it for their vested interest, I think it has always been like this throughout the history, someway or the other.

But we always have a choice; we can stay away from them. And I feel that religion means nothing other than human excellence. And if it says something other than ‘Human Excellence’, I would rather stay away from it.

I believe Jesus Christ, Buddha or Krishna they all mastered ‘The Art of Excellence’. And this programme is about excellence and not about any particular religion. I think it is a good idea to master the ‘Art of Excellence’ by using the teachings of those great masters. What do you think and how do you feel about it?

As you know by now I am a ‘Mixed Vegetable’ and I am going to use the best things from all sources, so prepare yourself to relish on a mixed curry. If you do not agree with something, which is normal, please be selective, use that works for you, and ignore the rest. But please do share it with us if possible, everyone is unique, and we can learn from one another. No one person is fully right.

I have many friends around the world who do not believe in God but they are wonderful human beings, and they use their special talent to do their best for others and I have great respect for them. Remember our objective is to reach highest form of human excellence, and it does not matter which highway you take to reach your goal effectively. My personal favourite is the ‘Mixed Vegetable Highway’, believe me it is wonderful.

Before we move on to explore the Law of Dharma, let us gain an understanding about the intermediaries. And how to get rid of the intermediaries? My belief and understanding after going through many scriptures is that if we want to know or realise ‘God’; Use the DIY method that is Do-it-Yourself.

My DIY method is pretty simple. I believe that if there is a God, it is inside us, nowhere else. It is inside each living being. And if you want to realise its power, discover your own self, by following the spiritual or natural laws. Getting rid of the intermediaries simply means that nobody else can do it for you.

I do not expect a Guru, Monk, Priest, or anybody else to talk to my inner self-or represent me. If I want to talk to God, I want to do it direct (A personal hot line I suppose), I do not want anyone between my higher self and me. But, that is only my belief please feel free to disagree.

I always remind myself that I would love and take care of every being in this planet and in the best possible way because if I do that I show my love to God. I think that’s what Mother Teresa did. Do you agree with me? Do you remember this beautiful premise, “Charity begins at home”, so use the inside-out approach. Start with your family, partner, friends and foes, colleagues, boss, competitors, or anyone you choose. And you will have what you want. We will cover the ‘Law of Dharma’ in the next article. Be blessed. next...

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At January 15, 2007, Blogger ilovemylife said...


I stopped by after finding you listed as a Popular Blog. I live on the east coast of USA.

The Quakers believe the inner light within all of us is where we take our lead from. Sounds similar to where your path has taken you.

I love where my journey has me.

I wish you on your journey through life a warm, colorful and compassion-filled one.

It would be so grand for each one who breathes on this planet to be graced with the joy of life.

Wishes, Dreams and Hopes

At January 16, 2007, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

Hi, thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring comment. I wish you peace, harmony and joy. God bless

At January 26, 2007, Anonymous Fenton said...

Hi Debojit,

You are certainly right. When I was still young, naive, you may call it, I believe that there's a line that separates human and god. But after I've studied more about metaphysics, reading the Christian related books, listening to Buddhist monks and reading the dharma book, I changed my mind. It seems that god exists inside all of us, we are part of god. We could realize this when we recoginize this part of us.

Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are really preaching the same thing, they all had mastered 'The Art of Excellence' as you mentioned above and we could join them by doing the same.

Most people see that religion is separated from the world, from the human body, a thing that we seek outside in order to achieve what we want. But the truth is the opposite. I hope that my view is right.

By the way, your article is very inspiring and I love it.

Thanks for coming up with such a great article.


At February 09, 2007, Anonymous Hershel Miller said...

Nice blog, thanks for stoppin by mine.

Jesus, Krishna and the Buddha hey. Two inspirational beings indeed.

Life coach on my brotha

Sat Nam


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