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Law of Dharma Part II: Natural Law or Spiritual Principle for Success

Law of Dharma

According to the Vedas - Veda is the powerhouse of knowledge, which evolved in India for more than 5000 years - ‘Law of Dharma’ simply means our purpose in life. It has three parts and let’s use the ‘Success Equation’ to represent the Law of Dharma:

Success =
Identify your Unique Talent
Nurture and develop the talent
Identify the unique needs of others and serve them elegantly

Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, James Watt, Wright Brothers, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Ray Kroc, Walt Disney, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Kylie Minogue; they are some of the most successful people, and they are superstars in their own field.

You can ask these interesting questions now: How did they become successful? Did some of them touch our life in a special way? Did they serve our needs elegantly? You can also ask: Are they special because they came to this world with a ‘Silver Spoon’ in their mouth?

Are they fighters? Do they take responsibility for their own life? Do they deal with any events in their life boldly? Let me give you an example, it was not long ago when Kylie Minogue was suffering from cancer. Is she back onstage? As I write this article, Sarah, one of my friends is watching her performance live in Wembley stadium, London.

Another thing, which I feel, is important and we need to remind our self often. We do not need to be Bill Gates, Albert Einstein or anyone else we can just be ourselves and feel great about it. But we can learn their good habits, behaviours, and skills. Can we?

Law of Dharma says that you are unique, and you are the only person in this Universe to have that special skill, no one can do it like you. You may be a homemaker, parent, doctor, nurse, writer, singer, dancer, artist, painter, scientist, blogger, teacher, cleaner, contractor, builder, business owner or work in any other profession. You have a special way of doing something; your way of doing is unique.

Once you identify and know your unique skill and your passion, nurture and develop it, identify the unique needs of others, and fulfil their needs elegantly. Create a Win-Win situation (read about the Win-Win principle) where you and everyone win. You will have ‘Success in Abundance’; the mighty river will flow through your doorway.

We can stop here for a moment, take few deep breaths, and relax. We can then ask ourselves: How do successful people use the ‘Law of Dharma’ to achieve success and create abundance in their life? Can you visualise and see how you can fit into the 'Success Equation'?

I would like to close this article here, and give you more time to reflect on this principle. Please do not rush into things. Be relaxed and give yourself enough time to apply the principle in your life. I am sure there will be confusions on how to apply this law. In the next article, we will deal with some of the important issues related to finding your ‘Purpose in Life’ and I will also teach you the visualisation exercise as promised. Take good care of yourself and others, may God bless you.

posted by Debojit Chowdhury @ 3:56 AM,


At January 26, 2007, Anonymous Fenton said...


It seems that your success equation is drawn out from the law of cause and effect.

Identify your unique talet (seed)
Nurture and develop the talent (grow the plant)
Identify the unique needs of other and serve them elegantly (law of giving)
Success (effect)

Great article you have there.

Take care,

At January 28, 2007, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

Hi Fenton, thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, I agree with you. I am sure you will actively apply this principle. God bless


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