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Be Inspired: What is the true joy in life?

The year 2006 will be ‘History’ in few hours. We are looking forward to the New Year ‘2007’. We do it every year. Don’t we? We start with new hopes, dreams, and desires or sometimes with nothing. Am I right?

I think this is a precious time. Have you thought what was ‘Your Story’ in 2006? Would you like to write your own biography for the year 2006? Are you pleased and satisfied with your story?

One good question to ask ourselves now: Do we have a real purpose in life? If we have one: What have we achieved? Another important question, if we do not know our purpose in life, how to identify it?

This is the right time to think about it. See if you can explore and identify your real purpose in life. Why are you in this world? What difference can you make to this wonderful universe? How can you touch others life in a special way? What ‘Story’ are you going to write about yourself in 2007? So, at the end of 2007, you can feel great, about what you have done with your life. To help you to visualise and identify your real purpose in life, I will soon publish a visualisation exercise.

Before I close, I would like to share with you this beautiful piece of inspiration from Jawaharlal Nehru. “The true joy in life is to ally yourself to a great purpose, to throw yourself into it heart and soul, to forget your little self for the realisation of that purpose.” next...

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At December 30, 2006, Anonymous Sarah said...

I have had a good 2006, I did not do anything major, e.g I really don't think a majority of what I achieved would mean very much to anyone else.

However, I did achieve a lot of things I needed to do in my personal life. With this in mind and without getting too deep, I am certainly looking forward to next year.

I have with my husband been saving for a couple of years to take our kids on a holiday of a lifetime.

So bring it on 007! :0)

At December 30, 2006, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

Thanks Sarah for the lovely comment. Well I can tell from what you wrote, you have made a difference to your family, in a positive way. I think thats real success. If we can be a better person, and help our future generations to get better, thats real success. Better sensible citizens means success for the community, country and the whole world. Best wishes and have a joyful New Year! God bless

At December 30, 2006, Anonymous Gerjanne Tiemens said...

what a great piece to reflect on you wrote there! thank you & nice meeting you :o)

At December 30, 2006, Blogger Lora_3 said...

This might sound silly but I think blogging has been a big deal to me this last year. Yes I'm talking to people all over the globe but I'm also listening. Not just reading. I really think thats a big deal.

Be safe...

At December 31, 2006, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

Hi Gerjanne Tiemens, thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. God bless

At December 31, 2006, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

Hi Lora_3, thats wonderful connecting with people and making progress. The idea behind this article is to motivate and encourage you to identify your passion. And it can be anything, blogging is one of the greatest modern discovery, it promotes self expression. How can we make a difference to this beautiful world by blogging? Please visit again, God bless.

At January 01, 2007, Anonymous Leslie said...

I just came accross your blog for the 1st time. I love it. I know a good bit about coaching, but have never done it formally.

For New Years, I am in complete agreement with what you just wrote about "making a difference, how can you touch others life in a special way, and thinking about what you have done with your life.

Great advise, esp. if people really think deep inside themselves to improve.


At January 02, 2007, Anonymous Nicholas said...

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget what life is about.. It has always been my opinion that life is all about relationships.. No matter how successful, or how low our lives get.. We always go back to what matters.. our relationships with our father, mother, brother, sister, children, wife, husband.. and God..

At January 03, 2007, Blogger Utopia said...

My 2006 story is a lesson. If I want to be myself I have to be genuine with a lot of integrity.


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