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Power of Choice: Stephen Hawking and his Incredible Inner Strength

I usually publish three articles a week though I want to write more and connect with you but somehow I cannot manage to write because of severe time constraints.

I want to tell you something strange about this article. I was wondering last night about what I am going to write this weekend and therefore I was not too sure. But strangely, this morning about 4 am the thought of Stephen Hawking’s life came to my mind. And I decided to write about his incredible inner strength.

Anyway, I did some quick research and sat down to write an article based on his incredible life story. And I must say that I am deeply inspired by his story of personal power, inner strength, courage hope, and determination.

We know Stephen from his great work on Physics. And his famous book ‘Brief History of Time’ was my personal favourite. I am sure you are also aware that he has contributed a lot to us through his research, and he did these despite his severe disability.

Let me quote this powerful words that touched me the most, “I have had motor neurone disease for practically all my adult life. Yet it has not prevented me from having a very attractive family, and being successful in my work. This is thanks to the help I have received from Jane, my children, and a large number of other people and organisations. I have been lucky, that my condition has progressed more slowly than is often the case. But it shows that one need not lose hope.” And I suddenly thought if he could do it despite all his difficulties. If he could overcome all his obstacles, we can do it too. We have something to learn from this brave man.

Now let me tell you about the ‘Power of Choice’. The ‘Power of Choice’ simply means our inner power to choose what we want in life. Our decisions shape our life. It does not matter what happens to us in life but what we decide to do with what happens, and that is what shapes our destiny. This is exactly what Stephen Hawking has done in his life. He is disabled, he cannot write or speak, but he decided he would do his best to contribute to the society. And he has done wonders.

When we face an unexpected event in life whether it is personal or professional, we as humans lose control on our decision-making capacity. Sometimes even worse, we make the wrong decisions or choices. It did happen to me several times and I felt I was powerless, out of control and my life was in a mess. Did it ever happen to you? Did you ever feel you are out of control? I am sure we did at some point.

So, what should we do in such situations? It is important to realise and understand clearly that we are always in control. It does not matter what happens to our life, we always have the choice to drive ourselves forward by striving continuously. It is true that sometimes our life’s journey becomes difficult if we hit rough weather. And I completely agree that driving through life isn’t easy during those times. But we always have a choice to sit idle, repent, moan and groan or take responsibility and do something to change and take control of the situation.

By taking responsibility, I mean becoming firm with our decisions. To muster the courage and strength, to make ourselves determined, to believe in ourselves by saying we can always find a way if we have the will.

We should also remember that we always have the choice to create a way if we don’t have one. Before I close let me share with you this beautiful proverb, “No choice is also a choice.” Please
click here to read the inspiring and energising short story of Stephen Hawking. And then, take a piece of paper and a pen, sit down in a quiet place, and do the following exercise. And soon you will see the difference it makes to your life.


(1) Take a moment and ask yourself how this article will help you.
(2) Focus on what you have, in other words, ‘Count your blessings not your sorrows’. Make a list of all the positive things in your life, if you do, you will make an amazing and empowering discovery.
(3) What did you learn from Stephen Hawking’s life?
(4) How can you create your own destiny by making the right choices every moment?
(5) Think deeply and visualise how you can create your own way, if you feel you don’t have one.

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At February 11, 2007, Blogger Mahesha Iddagoda said...

This brave man has always fascinated me. Do you think that we all have an inner controller, who programs us? Inner controller is not always right. If we can overcome this inner controller, we can overcome lot of difficulties and face them without fear. I think that’s what Hawkins did.

At February 12, 2007, Blogger Debojit Chowdhury said...

I believe and I am aware of myslef to an extent. And that awareness is this: Human beings are made up of Mind, Body and Soul. Soul is the King or the Master but MInd can take over due to external influences. So, it is our duty through regular practice to keep the mind under control. Soul is powerful, it does not die, u cant touch it, destroy it, it stays as it is! Thank you so much for your contribution Mahesha. Take care and God bless

At February 12, 2007, Anonymous Dawud Miracle said...

I've found that in every circumstance we have a choice. Even the most dire. It all depends on your focus. Do you focus on the problem you're faced with - getting lost in its clutches? Or do you look for a solution. And from my experience the solution is found in choice.

You have a choice at every turn. Even if the choice is just how to think about or react to a situation. You may not be able to change the situation, but you can change your relationship to it. That's your choice. And you have that choice all the time.

At February 13, 2007, Anonymous Sandy Renshaw said...

Thanks for the great post and the link to Stephen Hawking. Very inspirational.


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