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NLP: How to Communicate Effectively

It is true that communication is the key to success in this fast paced digitised world. We live in an ‘Information Age’, and our life has been dramatically transformed by the advancement in science and technology. The information highway has revolutionised the way we interact with people.

The Information and Communication Technology has to a great extent removed the intermediary, and enabled us to talk to our target audience direct. This has opened the enormous opportunity of new and effective relationship building and growth.

But whether you use advanced technology or the golden old ways of personal communication, effectiveness in human communication remains the key to excellence.

And any form of communication is successful only when the audience gets the right or intended message. In other words, we can say, “The meaning of the communication is the response that we get.” We may spend millions of advertising dollars but we may not get the desired response. And I am sure you are aware of many marketing disasters. This concept does not apply to business and organisations only but also in our personal life.

For example, you are interacting with someone and you are not getting the response that you expected. The best course of action in such a situation is to reflect and rethink the way you are communicating. And change your approach so the other person responds positively. And this is important if you want to get the desired response and achieve success.

Remember, our success in communication does not entirely depend on how well planned or organised we are, please do not get me wrong, planning, and organising is important but communication is successful only when we get the desired response. We cannot control somebody else’s response but we can always influence it by using a suitable strategy and some innovative thinking.


(1) If you are not getting the desired response, reflect, rethink, and change your approach till you get the desired result.

(2) If you are not getting the desired response from your target audience, ask yourself, “What can I do to get the desired response?” And do it. Or, you can further explore to see if anyone is getting the right response from the same audience. If they are, learn and mirror them, and get the desired outcome.

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At February 26, 2007, Blogger Vic Grace said...

Exactly what I have been telling myself these last few days.

At June 01, 2007, Anonymous Hajj said...

Great post. You can have the greatest idea on the planet, but if you are unable to communicate it you can lose out on great opportunities.

At June 20, 2007, Blogger daniel said...


Just a small question:
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Thank you


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