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The Art of Questioning

Hurray! I think I am getting back to my old form and I have started writing some meaningful stuff. I hope by the end of this week, I will be able to publish the first part of a life-changing programme based on 5000-year old Vedic Technology. I am sure you will hold your breath! But I promise not for long.

Anyways, to keep you busy I will re-introduce you to something extraordinary in this article. It is a simple but powerful technique of self-discovery and progress. So, what is it? It is the art of self-assessment and evaluation. It is the way we ask and question ourselves. Have you ever paid attention to something, which always talks to you? It is our inner voice. And it is an automatic process, as it talks to us intelligently without our active intervention. It just happens. Do you know how and from where it happens?

I am sure all of you have experienced your inner voice. But have you ever questioned: whose voice is it? Is it an inner being that is talking to you? Is the inner being and you the same entity? And how do you discover the identity and nature of that inner voice?

The next time you make any decision silently observe the way it talks to you. And when you do that you may hear it is saying something subtle such as, “Are you doing it right?” Or “Is it right for you?”

I would not write anymore on this topic now, as I want you to go back and reflect in your leisure peacefully and quietly. If you think deeply you might see something extraordinary happening to you.

Do let us know about your experience. Take care and God bless you.

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At May 24, 2007, Blogger Franx Budi said...

Your blog it's nice many inspiration and motivation.Would you like to exchange link with me?

At May 28, 2007, Blogger MorganLighter said...

Thank you for your wonderful site. I hope you're feeling better. Too often we don't listen to that inner voice and make the wrong decisions or say the wrong things. We need to listen to our inner self - reflect on what we do and say. My wife is an expert at this and, fortunately, she is helping me to achieve that same level of peace and contentment.


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