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Qualities: a good life coach

You need to develop some basic qualities to become a good life coach. First is to become non-judgemental.

Be non-judgemental – a life coach does not judge the client (I have used the term client just to make it easier to explain). The job of a life coach is to help and guide the client to achieve their goals. If you are self-coaching – you as your own coach – still this principle is applicable.

When you practice non-judgement, you will create bliss and harmony in your life – it will make your mind quiet and peaceful. When you judge everything that occurs you waste precious energy (Prana). If you are non-judgemental, you will save this energy and use it for creative purposes.

To become non-judgemental you have to practise it: Easier said than done. You will need patience and with time, you will form a habit of non-judgement. The best way is to start by saying, “For the next 30 minutes I won’t judge myself, or anything that occurs in my life.” Make a firm resolution, and say to your-self, “I will not judge - good or bad, right or wrong, gain or loss.” “I will accept everything as they are.”

With practise, you will be able to apply this principle throughout the whole day. So, next time you catch yourself judging, remind not to judge. When you establish this principle in your consciousness and make it a part of your life, you will experience infinite bliss, creativity, and freedom through the support of divinity.

I am sure you will use this powerful principle and practise it daily. During this programme, I will cover this topic in greater detail.

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At February 20, 2007, Anonymous adnaw said...

I need patience.

At December 13, 2007, Blogger Gibo said...

If there is a skill I do not have it is being non-judgmental. I guess I need to learn it. The 30 minute thing is worth trying.


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