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We aim to provide a high-quality professional life coaching service free of charge. We would like to invite you to join us in this wonderful journey of self-discovery. Excel in life - unleash your unlimited power.

How will it work?

(1) This is a web-based life-coaching programme and it will help you to learn the skills to become your own life coach.

(2) I will provide free online support by replying to your messages or comments. We will also have group coaching sessions using an instant messaging system. The schedule for the sessions will be available by this blog.

(3) I will do free telephone coaching and I will publish more details by the end of December 2006.

(4) I would recommend some books for further reading and I would expect you to do some self-study. I would set practical exercises, which will help you to add to your learning.

(5) You must be keen to know how much time it will take. If you are 100% committed, I strongly believe you will notice significant progress within 6 months to 1-year. If you work hard, 3 months should be enough to gain the basic skills. Remember, self-development is a continuous and never ending process. I will regularly update and add new information; this will help you to perform at a peak state.

(6) You will also be able to use a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support your learning. I will provide more details soon by this blog.

That’s all really! Isn’t it simple?

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At December 13, 2007, Blogger Gibo said...

December 2006? I wonder if you are still out there for people like me who are going through the course only now.


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