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Application of Life Coaching

Life coaching principles and strategies are helpful for people from all walks of life – teachers, students, teenagers, head teachers, lecturers, writers, plumbers, mechanics, doctors, engineers, company executives, lawyers, nurses and anyone you can imagine. You must be wondering how can I apply it in my life. To get a clear picture, let us look at the applications of life coaching.

Are you an effective area manager?
Have you ever asked yourself: How effective am I as an area manager? We are aware that life comprises of different areas. Health, Personal relationships, Family and extended family, Work and career, Finances, Friends and social life, Spiritual and religious life, and all these areas need effective management to succeed in life. Life coaching helps you to analyse, review, plan, and take suitable action in all areas. In brief, life coaching will make you an effective area manager.

Few examples to aid your understanding:

Health – you will develop action plan for weight loss, eat healthy food, and remain fit

Personal relationships – you will identify your problems, develop positive attitude and create plans for improvement

Family and extended family – you will explore and find ways to meet their expectations and create joy and happiness for everyone

Work and career – you will develop short and long-term plans, explore new opportunities, develop skills, and create positive working relationships

Finances – you will review and improve your credit rating and budgeting effectiveness, explore and identify new avenues for income

Friends and social life – you will make new friends and explore ways of spending quality time with old ones

Spiritual and religious life – you will fulfil your spiritual and religious commitments, discover new ways, and give a new meaning to your life

Are you an effective role manager?
Have you ever thought of becoming a perfect role manager? In real life, we do not have much choice. We have many roles to play in our life and there is a need for effective role management. We take various roles such as student, friend, partner, husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, employee, employer, and the list can go on and on. As you can imagine, it is no doubt a demanding task to manage all these roles effectively at the same time.

For example, when you are in the office, you may take the role of a manager, when you come home your role changes, and you may become a father, mother, son, or a daughter. Your poor soul is trying to cope and deal with everything. No matter how honestly and how hard you try to manage well, something may go wrong. And, it is normal; after all, we are humans. The good news is that life coaching will help you to manage your different roles effectively and preserve balance.

Few examples to aid your understanding:

Student – you will improve focus and do better results by properly planning and balancing your academic and social life

Employee – you will improve your relationship with colleagues, employer, customers, and clients; become more effective by bringing balance in your work and family life

Employer – you will build a bridge based on trust and reliability and keep a motivated workforce, find new ways of expanding your business

Husband, Wife or Partner – you will create happy enduring life by exploring and identifying ways to bliss and harmony

Parent – you will increase parental effectiveness by developing better understanding of your children, identify, and remove any obstacles to better relationship

Friend – you will develop strong bonding and win people’s goodwill by creating a positive difference in their life
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At December 13, 2007, Blogger Gibo said...

In this post, I took note of various aspects in our lives, health, relationships, family, work, finances, and friends.


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