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Man Proposes and God Disposes

It is such a wonderful experience to see the raindrops falling and being greeted by mother earth; it gives me great delight in silently watching our nature in motion. We are having weeks full of rain in England recently, and it has caused real havoc down south. Anyways, let me organise myself, and get back to the mood of connecting with you this weekend.

My Dad strongly believed in God, and as I grew up, I also saw a person who lived his life serving others. Though he believed in God, he was not a great advocate of frequenting the temples to earn his share of blessings. He loved his family, and anyone who got in touch with him could feel a difference. He touched everyone’s life he met in a special way.

So, I was lucky in a sense to be his son. He was a man of values, and dealt with the events in life steadily with respect. And when I use the word ‘Respect’, I mean he believed everything that happened in our life had a reason, some meaning, and it had a connection to something else.

I often heard him saying, ‘Man proposes and God disposes’. Sometimes I felt frustrated and became annoyed when he said this to me, especially at times when I failed to achieve what I wanted. At those times, I remember I used to express my anger and resentment. Strangely, he never showed any emotions, rather had a subdued smile in his face. But as I gained more of life’s experience, I started to realise the hidden meaning of the statement. This week’s exercise is based on the meaning that I have realised. And I would like to invite you to join me to explore it further.

Exercise for this week:

(1) Every event that happens in our life has a deep seeded intention. It is manifesting our past intention and desire, and we can physically see and experience it when it is in motion, which we describe as an event or episode. It is our responsibility to understand it, identify the hidden opportunities (messages), and use it to our advantage. The opportunities may be in any form, physical or meta-physical. So, try to understand it, identify the opportunities and use it as best as you can.

(2) Practise and try to manage your worries by saying to yourself, “Everything that is happening to me now is for a reason. It has a connection with my past as well as my future.” Gradually, this will help you increase your power of acceptance. Slowly and steadily, you will learn more about yourself, and your real nature.

(3) Power of Acceptance will help you to gain control of the future. You will gain the power to control your own destiny. But it will only happen when you accept yourself ‘as you are now’.

(4) Do not resist because it would seem futile challenging the laws of the Universe. Cecil B. deMille observed, “It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.” So, identify the hidden opportunities (messages) in every event, and use it to your advantage. This will lead us to our destination (destiny) safely.

Take care and God bless!

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